Kochuvila Restaurant

Currently we have added only restaurants located in Kollam area. We will not give you any big promise that you will get big discounts like 50% – 60% if you order restaurant items through our website, but we assure you that we can deliver you, your favorite dishes at dine in rate itself, means 15% to 60% discounted rate, than at what price you are currently ordering food through other food delivery apps and websites . It is possible for us to provide you, your favorite dishes at discounted price, because we are not charging commissions from restaurants, cafeterias or hotels, because of that you can buy items at real rate through our website/app CDeals. If you have any opinions, suggestions please feel free to drop a comment in the below comment box. Most of the food delivery apps hike 15% to 60% rate upon real rate and says that they are providing the customers food at discounted rates, but our way is totally different, we do what we say.

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